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02 February 2008 @ 08:50 am
17 set visit by KATHRYN  
Hey guys! I just wanted to post an account from the amazing Webmistress of the amazing ZEFRON.COM, Kathryn, whe she visited Zac on the set of 17 again!

Here it is! Read it! Its really cute!

In late January I got a very pleasant surprise in my e-mail. A lovely woman named Rachel from a place called "Deep Focus Promotions" wanted to let me know that there might be a "possible Zac opportunity" concerning his new movie 17 Again for me because Charismatic stood out as a credible, accurate source for fans. Of course, I was imagining I would have the opportunity to promote the movie or maybe get some exclusive scoop to share with everyone who visits the site. That alone I would be excited about and I told her I was interested and to please send me any details.

She replied to tell me that press was invited to the set of 17 Again by New Line Cinema and that I was invited, all expenses paid. What?! Less than 72 hours I had a plane ticket to Los Angeles, reservations in a beautiful Santa Monica hotel, and a set visit itinerary. I squealed a little (only a little, I swear!), sent Zac a text message, promptly got a babysitter for my new puppy (thank you Tiffany!), and packed my bag. We would be in California little over 24 hours but I was convinced this would be the trip of a lifetime!

I could go on all day and night about how my first ever airplane flight was (loved it!), how beautiful the weather in California is compared to snowy Indiana, how I could only ever stay in a hotel that amazing in my wildest dreams, or how expensive cab rides are, but I let's skip all of that. At 4:30 PM on January 31st a shuttle arrived at the hotel to take myself, Heather (the original co-founder of Charismatic), Julie from Seventeen, Emily from J-14, and Ana from various publications in New York (Teen Dream, Faces, etc.), to the movie set. The traffic was bad, the ride was long and cold, but the girls were sweet as could be. They had their business cards, magazines, and all their interview questions prepared and all I had was a smile and a text message from Zac - I definitely felt out of place!

Originally New Line had planed a peir scene and set visit for us, but the weather wouldn't permit it. So instead we traveled to a gorgeous house that was being used in the movie. We were instructed to be quiet and were lead into the house and seated in front of two monitors showing Zac and Michelle filming just upstairs. We were granted the priviledge of seeing them film a scene in several takes and angles. 17 Again co-producer Jennifer Gibgot joined us and answered several of Maggie (from Tiger Beat who met up with us there), Emily, Julie, and Ana's questions about the film (Heather and I sat silent - give us a break! We were nervous, and we're not professionals!).

A year seemed to have slowly gone by (I promise I enjoyed every minute of it!) before Zac bounced down the stairs and over to us. I have to tell you that Zac is lovely in photos but even more attractive in person (and taller than I imagined!). I waved like a little school girl with a crush (I don't have a crush - honest!) and jumped up out of my seat. Zac exclaimed, "Finally you guys!" or something to that effect and I just wrapped my arms around him (I was determined to get that hug!). I have to say that his hug was one of the greatest I have ever received. That hug was four years in the making and it didn't feel artificial at all. If Zac was faking it or not wanting it, he did an unbelievable job of hiding it.

From that moment on everything Zac did, or said, made me one hundred times more thankful that Heather and I ever created this fansite. Zac was everything I ever hoped for or imagined he'd be. I felt so comfortable and appreciated, he really made us both feel as if he were really as excited to meet us as we were him. He told us he wanted to take us to lunch, he was disappointed that we weren't in LA longer, that it was a shame that his dad was coming out the next day, because he wanted to meet us too. He asked how our flight was, gave me a high-five because I told him it was my first time on an airplane and that I loved it, and asked where we were staying.

He was stolen away a few times to do more takes, but eventually all us girls had the chance to sit around Zac and Michelle (who is absolutely lovely too by the way!) and the professional girls did their thing (and did it well!). I'm a spaz, so naturally I didn't have any questions, a pen or paper, or a tape recorder (you guys are fancy!) so Heather and I just sat and shivered (it was cold in there!), watched, giggled, and couldn't believe this was happening. Make sure you visit the links I posted at the end of this "report". Everyone else on the set visit did a beautiful job reporting and I want you to get all the exclusive scoop on 17 Again from them. Julie, Ana, Maggie, and Julie gathered around Zac to get some autographs for their magazines and Zac asked us if we needed anything. I just said quietly, "We just wanted a picture!"

"Of course!", Zac couldn't deny us that! The rule was 'no pictures on set' but we snuck one in anyway. Zac told us he wanted to "go somewhere private" but on a busy movie set with over 30 people running around that was next to impossible. Instead, while everyone with us on the trip was getting ready to go, and everyone else getting ready to go back to work, Zac took us around a corner and we talked a bit more. He said he couldn't believe we weren't there longer, that he wished we didn't have to go and we could find another way to the hotel instead of going with the group so we could stay at the set a while longer, that he needed to "get us out to a premiere", and that it was so good to meet us. I got out my phone to take a picture since we were notified of the 'no pictures' rule I didn't bring my camera and Zac said, "What? You don't have a real camera! No, we have to get a real camera!" and he sprinted off to find one.

His publicist came over and Zac said that the bookcase behind us looked neat, we should pose in front of that. He told her to take a few, just in case, and she took two. He said he wanted to see them and ran over to look, "Take one more!" and came back to put his arms around us. He promised to e-mail us with them, asked if we needed anything at all for the site, made sure he had our contact information in his phone, and told us how great it was to finally meet us. Then we were rushed out because they had to get back to work.

Back on the shuttle I sent Zac a text to tell him how thankful I was for everything he had done. He replied that he was so happy we finally got to meet, that next time he would make sure we had more time to catch up, and to call with any ideas we had for zefron.com. We exchanged contact information with Ana, Julie, Maggie, and Emily and Heather and I gushed to one another about how amazing Zac is on the ride back to the hotel.

I want to thank everyone who made this trip for us possible. I am so thankful for everything that everyone did to make us comfortable and get us everything we needed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone over at New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, and Deep Focus Promotions. Thank you to the fans and everyone who visits this website for making sure we came this far. And most of all thank you to Zac, his parents, and his brother Dylan. Thank you Zac for being everything I always hoped you would be and more. I could not be more proud of you and all that you've accomplished. Thank you for appreciating us as much as we appreciate you and showing it. You deserve all the success that's come your way and all of the great opportunities that will in the future.

I can try to describe exactly how I am feeling right now a little more, but I'll just sound like a blabbering idiot. There isn't any words to tell you how this experience has changed me and what it's meant to me. Hopefully enough of it comes across in what I've wrote to know what an incredible person we've all come to adore. Thanks everybody!


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